Key Facts About JBA

  • Onsite Safety Performance managed to ISO 18001
  • Impressive track record demonstrated by repeat business
  • The right balance of project, technology and operational expertise to make a difference
  • No connections with Vendors or Suppliers, independent advice on what really matters
  • Learning from, and access to many industrial sectors and technology providers
  • Experienced enough to define scopes and agree content with you
  • Able to provide turnkey solutions for ease of engagement
  • Ability to work effectively with existing incumbent providers to enhance their performance
  • Exemplary levels of staff competency, retention and development

At JBA we pride ourselves on our ability to respond quickly with intelligence and accuracy to your enquiry, to offer assistance and guidance to enable you to define the work with a minimum amount of effort. The unique blend of project, technology and operational experience within our organisation ensures our solutions give enhanced benefits from the start and continue to contribute for the entire lifecycle of the asset.

JBA are able to offer flexible solutions to our customers because we realise that organisations differ. Our offer is based on what is best for our customers, however, we also realise that sometimes funds are not available to ensure minimum operational costs going forward and this may come at a later date. At JBA we care enough to take the time to ensure you have all the information required to make the best decision for your company. We understand that if you are successful than so are we.

Telephone:   01740 665730

Postal Address:17 Evolution, Wynyard Park, Billingham TS22 5TB